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College of Education

College of Education

Welcome to the FGCU College of Education Website!

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 Dr. Ivan Banks
Dr. Ivan Banks
Interim Dean,
College of Education

Welcome to the College of Education at

Florida Gulf Coast University

Fort Myers, Florida

I am pleased to bring greetings on behalf of FGCU faculty, candidates, administrators and staff. I hope you will take the time to peruse our website so that you can gain a clear understanding why we have earned the reputation for preparing learners and leaders of tomorrow. The College offers a broad range of fully accredited graduate and undergraduate programs for teachers and other professional school personnel. Students from across Florida and around the globe seek educational opportunities within our dynamic learning environment, opportunities that provide the knowledge, skills and dispositions to enhance the lives and life chances of P-12 students.
At Florida Gulf Coast University, we believe that learning, assessment, and leadership go hand-in-hand. We appreciate our location in southwest Florida and we value the relationships we have established with our coastal and rural counties as each provides diverse population, traditions, and cultures. These counties provide rich environments for teaching and learning and numerous opportunities for students to grow personally and professionally. As a result, we are confident that those who complete our programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels are capable of meeting the needs of our diverse constituents.
While it may sound boastful, I am in fact proud of the talented faculty and staff of the College of Education. I know that our faculty and staff are proud of those who complete our programs and the great work they do when they leave us. To that end, we know that we are indeed special and invite you get acquainted with us in the College of Education. Come meet our professors, talk with people enrolled in our programs, sit in on a class session and even stop by the Dean’s office.  You can also explore the websites of our departments and programs. You will find that this is the place where people are prepared to touch the future and transform lives. Thank you for your interest in Florida Gulf Coast University and this dynamic College of Education.
Dr. Ivan W. Banks,
Interim Dean