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College of Education

College of Education

Images of College of Education.

Why Select the College of Education?

  •  As the region's only comprehensive university, FGCU's College of Education (COE) prepares graduates for a wide range of careers from traditional Pre K-20 education to museum programs, programs for children with special needs, instructional design, educational media, e-Learning, and will experience research and leadership with undergraduate and graduate programs.

  • Our programs are fully and nationally accredited, including the doctoral program for teachers, educational administrators, and other professional school personnel; we also have one of the first Educational Technology Certificate programs endorsed by the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT).

  • Our undergraduate education programs are integrated with common courses and experiences that provide prospective teachers with skills to meet the needs of second language learners and students with special needs.

Positions Our Proud Graduates Hold: 

  • Pre K-12 classroom teachers

  • District supervisor    

  • Coordinator of ESOL program

  • School district superintendent

  • Counselor

  • School principals

  • Director of media and instructional technology

  • Educational program specialist at U.S. Department of Education

  • University professors

  • Regional coordinator/director for non-profit educational organizations

  • Corporate instructional designer

  •  Educational entrepreneurs

Employment Rate:

  • Employment rate for all College of Education graduates is 88-100%
  • Employment rate for teaching graduates is 100%

Average Starting Salary*

  • $41,000+ for undergraduates and $55,000+ for Master's and Doctoral graduates

*In Southwest Florida



We envision our graduates, and those they influence, as the learners and leaders of today and tomorrow. As learners, our graduates will continue to grow and develop as leaders within their field. As leaders, they will build upon the diverse backgrounds and perspectives they encounter to ensure that all individuals are able to construct the understanding necessary to become successful.


Our mission is to provide diverse environments of excellence that support dynamic learning experiences. In these environments, faculty and students reflect upon and engage in the applications of theory, research, and emerging technologies. These environments support the construction of knowledge, skills, and attitudes through collaboration and inquiry. As a result, faculty and students are empowered to create an enhanced quality of life within their respective communities.